Don't Let Insects Destroy Your Yard

Trust us for grub control treatment in Willmar, Hutchinson & Litchfield, MN

Has your yard suddenly started turning brown? If there isn't an obvious cause, this is most likely due to grubs. Rely on Grow Rite Lawn Care in Willmar, Hutchinson & Litchfield, MN for grub control treatment. We can remove grubs and eggs to help your grass get healthy again. With grub prevention, we'll make sure you don't have to deal with these pests in the future. You can also choose us for ant control.

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3 signs of grubs in your yard

3 signs of grubs in your yard

Grubs can tear apart your lawn, so you should get grub control treatment to solve the problem quickly. Some common signs include:

  • Animals digging/tearing up lawn
  • Grubs eat grass roots damaging/killing grass
  • Brown/yellow areas pull up easily even with adequate moisture
Let us know if you're worried about the health of your lawn. We can help you find out if you have a grub infestation. Call us today at 320-693-7305 for grub prevention and more.