Insect Control

You might hate finding insects in your house, but those little critters can be harmful to your lawn as well. Water, fertilize, and aerate your lawn all you want, but it might still have brown or dead spots, thanks to insect infestations.

The good news is Grow Rite Lawn Care has the knowledge and equipment to manage insect problems. Our exterminator can properly identify what insects are damaging your lawn, taking the necessary action to execute pest control and restore the beauty of your grass.

Grub Control

Really, grub worms are the immature form of various beetles. White and generally shaped like a “C”, these insects like to dine on grass roots, absolutely destroying sections of your grass. Sometimes, that section of your lawn just browns up and dies inexplicably. Other times, you’ll notice that you can roll up that area of the lawn like a rug because the roots have been ravaged. The ground might feel spongy, and animals like birds will be digging around in those areas, looking for grubs to eat.

Left unchecked, grubs turn into beetles, which mate and lay more eggs. That leads to even more grubs in your lawn. It’s a problem that often only gets worse. We can stop the grub infestation, giving your lawn a fighting chance to recover and return to its former glory.

Ant Control

Usually, a healthy lawn that receives regular maintenance won’t be the target of an ant infestation. Ants often go after lawns that are parched, stressed, and in general unhealthy. That’s why this problem really crops up when the weather is particularly hot and dry.

You can often tell If there’s a problem with ants in your lawn without much difficulty. Seeing excessive numbers of ants in the grass is a telltale sign, as are anthills.

While ants can help your lawn by eating other insects that pose a threat, they do damage of their own. Among the drawbacks of an ant infestation are these considerations:

  • Ants can cause your lawn to become uneven as they dig under the surface. This, in turn, makes it harder to mow the lawn or play on it.
  • As ants dig through the lawn, they expose grass roots, causing sections of your lawn to die.
  • Anthills can bury the grass surrounding it, smothering the grass blades and block sunlight, so the roots die.

There are several approaches to ant control for lawns. We can discuss the options with you, explaining their components, before you make a final decision. As the ant problem diminishes, you’ll be able to enjoy an ant-free lawn again.

You are in good hands....

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