Lawn Care

You want the best lawn possible, and Grow Rite Lawn Care is here to help. Our expertise helps your lawn look it's very best. We do that by addressing the root causes of problems, improving the long-term health of the grass. That, in turn, means your lawn will keep up a good appearance year after year. Of course, lawn care isn’t a singular event. Like any living thing, your grass needs consistent care. We help you keep track of what needs to be done when, and perform services with precision.

Lawn Fertilization

Some people think fertilizing a lawn involves picking a random bag of fertilizer at a big box store, and throwing it all over the grass. The truth is that method essentially involves shooting blindly in the dark. Your lawn is unique. The soil composition changes over time, and what kind of fertilizer you use will impact that. With the wrong fertilizer, you might not be replenishing the minerals your grass needs to be healthy.

When selecting a fertilizer, you need to weigh three prominent nutrients all lawns need:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

While nitrogen is the most important of the three, using too much can trigger an explosion of top growth, which leads to a variety of problems. If you look at a bag of fertilizer, the chain of three numbers on it tells how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are in the mix. To accurately know which kind your lawn needs, you must not only assess the grass and its health, but also the soil composition. What fertilizer you use is also affected by the season. You’ll use one type for the spring, summer, fall, etc. For example, winterizer fertilizers contain higher potassium levels, helping the grass to endure extreme cold. As you’re probably beginning to understand, selecting the best fertilizer for your lawn is anything but simple. The needs of your grass are constantly changing, and most people simply lack the knowledge and training to make an educated decision. That’s where we come in. Our technicians can examine your lawn and properly determine what fertilizer to apply and when. You’ll love the results, as your grass becomes greener, thicker, and overall healthier.

Weed Control

Most people hate the sight of weeds in their lawn, but they don’t know what to do about them. Weeds are more than just eyesores. They pose other dangers to a lawn, including:

  • Crowding out grass
  • Consuming water
  • Competing for sunlight
  • Sapping soil nutrients

Essentially, weeds weaken and even kill your lawn. Getting rid of them can be a tricky process. Just when you think you have the problem under control, weed populations tend to explode. Leverage our experience with controlling weeds. We have proven methods and the follow-through to keep the weeds out of your lawn for the long run.

Grow Rite can help treat your lawn's fertilization and weed control needs with our Diamond Program, which includes the following:


Diamond Program

(5 applications with Fertilizer and weed control for a healthy lawn) Our full program:

Early Spring Pre-Emergent

Prevents annual grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. Fertilizer for spring green up.

Late Spring

This liquid application controls broadleaf weeds with a slow release fertilizer for a healthy lawn.


A slow release fertilizer to feed the turf through the heat of the summer. Spot treatment of weeds.

Late Summer

A slow release fertilizer for sustained growth while also rebuilding turf from summer stress.


Create a large food source/reserve for the winter. Broadleaf weed control to sustain a healthy turf.

You are in good hands....

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