Spring Dethatching

In central Minnesota we tend to get really excited for spring. No matter how excited you are for spring it is important to put off some of that lawn work until your lawn is dry. It is also important to wait until the weather is consistently warm, if you start too early a cold snap can do damage to your lawn.

Spring Dethatching

After you have waited for your lawn to dry and for the weather to warm up you may notice that your lawn needs dethatching. It is best to dethatch your lawn in the spring. It is also important to remember that you want to dethatch every other year or even every third year. Keep in mind that you don’t want to dethatch your lawn after you receive a spring crabgrass application. Dethatching after the application will break the chemical barrier and let crabgrass seeds germinate. It is also important to remember you want some thatch in your lawn because it helps keep moisture in the soil. Thatch also helps microorganisms grow and those microorganisms are beneficial to your lawn.

What If I Don’t Need Dethatching?

If your lawn doesn’t need dethatching, a good raking will clean the debris and stand up the matted spots to let the soil warm faster and provide a good boost to your spring green up.shutterstock_143136244

Pro Tips for Spring Lawn Care

  • Seeding- When you lay seed down in the spring be sure to rake or cover the seed up with a thin layer of soil for good germination.
  • Dog Spots- The yellow spots left by your dog can be very unsightly come spring. There is no magic cure, but if you run water on these spots and flush the acidity from the urine through the soil they will disappear quicker.

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