Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the keys to keeping your lawn weed free. Fertilization also helps your lawn during dry conditions and helps to prevent disease.

Lawn Fertilization Services

At Grow Rite we offer everything you need for a healthy lawn regardless of condition. Grow Rite’s Diamond Program has fertilizer and weed control that produces a beautiful, lush healthy lawn while increasing the Lawn Fertilization Servicesbeneficial organisms in the soil. This improved soil structure will give better disease resistance, root system, color and increased drought resistance.

5 Step Fertilization Process

  1. Spring-  A wake up fertilizer is applied to promote strong growth. A pre-emergent crabgrass control is applied to inhibit new seed growth.
  2. Late Spring- A slow release fertilizer is applied to maintain growth and color. A whole lawn broadleaf control accompanies this application to control weeds like dandelions, clover and creeping Charlie.
  3. Summer- When temperatures warm we apply a slow release fertilizer based on seasonal conditions. Pesky broadleaf weeds are selectively controlled.
  4. Late Summer- A high potassium fertilizer with iron is applied to help the lawn recover from the summer heat and stresses. Broadleaf weeds are controlled as needed.
  5. Fall- A winterizer blend of fertilizer is applied to enhance soil structure and get lawn ready for winter without excessive growth. A whole lawn broadleaf control is accompanied at this time.

For More Information on Lawn Fertilization

If you have any questions on what fertilization can do for your lawn contact us today!