When it comes to lawn care and maintenance, no other firm performs as efficiently as Grow Rite Lawn Care. We’ve been the lawn care expert of choice for many households and businesses in many areas in Minnesota, including Litchfield, Annandale, Willmar, Hutchinson, Dassel, Cokato, Atwater, Glencoe, and Grove City.

These are the services we offer:


At Grow Rite we offer everything you need for a healthy lawn regardless of condition. Grow Rite’s 5 application program has fertilizer and weed control that produces a beautiful, lush healthy lawn while increasing the beneficial organisms in the soil. This improved soil structure will give better disease resistance, root system, color and increased drought resistance.


An aerator pulls plugs of soil out of the ground and lays them in the grass to break down. Aeration allows water, air, nutrients into the root zone. This helps reduce thatch and improve thickness of roots and overall health of lawn. Fall is optimum time for this service. Aeration is the best thing for your lawn.

Grub Control

Grubs are a major threat in Minnesota and can cause extensive damage with costly consequences. A preventative approach will keep grubs out of the lawn, keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Late spring to early summer is the timeframe this service should be done.


Overseeding is done in late summer or fall to thicken lawn and introduce new grass varieties into the existing lawn. This can be done in conjunction with aeration. New lawn seeding is also available.

Disease Control

Common diseases are Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Stripe Smut and Red thread. These diseases are typically controlled with fungicides. These are brought on by hot humid temperatures.