Crabgrass Control

Getting Crabgrass under control early in the spring is one of the keys to enjoying a healthy lawn all summer. That makes Pre-Emergent Crabgrass control the most important application of the year for a healthy lawn.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass will germinate when the soil temperature gets between 55 – 60 degrees and holds that temperature for about a week.  Crabgrass sprouts every year  from seeds dropped in the previous year. Pre-Emergent Crabgrass control acts like a blanket for your lawn and doesn’t allow seeds to germinate through the blanker or barrier.

How Long Will Crabgrass Control Last?

Crabgrass Control

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass control will protect your lawn for about 4 months. Or less if we have a rainy spring.  Rain will deteriorate the blanket which will reduce it’s ability to prevent crabgrass.  A s

Slow release fertilizer is applied at the same time giving your lawn a healthy start to  the season.  You should follow up by applying fertilizer and a variety of weed controls every 6 weeks for a healthy and consistent lawn.  Remember a consistent feeding is recommended for a healthy lawn.

Watering Your Lawn

After and in between all applications your lawn should be watered as needed, remembering about 1 inch per week for a healthy lawn.  If you aren’t sure if you are watering enough take any type of dish and put out in your lawn while watering and measure the water in the dish when done.  It will tell you how much was put down in whatever duration the water was running.

Stay Safe

At Grow Rite we use environmentally responsible lawn care products. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be cautious after an application. Whenever fertilizer and weed control is applied to your lawn, you should always stay off until your lawn is dry. Once your lawn is dry it’s safe for you to enjoy.  Remember, always wear shoes the day of an application as a precaution.

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Diamond Program

The Diamond Program is designed give you a healthy weed free lawn all season long.  We will apply fertilizer and weed control at the right time to keep your lawn healthy.

How The Diamond Program Works

Fertilizer and Weed Control

With the Diamond Program we will service the property every 6 weeks with fertilizer and weed control.  Different weeds germinate throughout the season and are dealt with quickly before they can mature.  Weeds are Happy-Lawn[1]much easier to control when they’re juvenile compared to when they mature.  Therefore each time we visit your propery we’ll address weeds if you have any.  A balanced fertilizer is occompanied to  enrich the soil, letting the soil organisms feed the grass plant.  A constant feeding throughout the growing season will generate a thick root system, creating a healthy lawn.  If you feed the lawn here and there the lawn won’t be thick and healthy.  Look at it like this, we as humans need to eat on a regular basis to nourish our body, the grass plant is a living organism just like us and as a living organism grass needs to eat regularly.

For Best Results…

Along with our Diamond Program there are a few other things that you will need to do.

  1. Water the lawn-  The recommendation for our area is about 1 inch of water per week.  Spring and fall may require less water because the temperature is cooler.  Watering should be done early in the morning and end around daybreak so the water has a chance to soak in before the evaporation rate increases.  Deep infrequent watering where you give the soil enough water to fill the root zone is recommended.
  2. Mowing – Always mow when the grass is dry.  Make sure the lawn mower blade is sharp for a clean cut.  Try to mow when needed never cutting more a 1/3 of the grass at any one time.  The recommended height is 3 inches, remembering that the height is proportional to the root length (the taller the grass, the deeper the roots).

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April Is National Lawn and Garden Month

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Spring Bare Spots

Nothing spoils the onset of the Minnesota spring season like a lawn riddled with spring bare spots. Not to mention that if you took extra care to put your lawn “to bed” properly last fall, these unsightly spring bare spots can become all the more frustrating.

Not to worry. Although these spring bare spots aren’t easy on the eyes, most are treatable. In fact, some will disappear on their own. Grow Rite takes a look at some of the most common causes of spring bare spots and how you can help. Ready! Then read on below!

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Pre-Pay and Save

Pre-pays should be out as we speak.  You can pay for the season and save money and time.  Then you can sit back relax and enjoy your lawn and the summer.  If you didn’t get a pre-pay for some reason let us know.

Grow Rite’s Referral Program

As a local lawn care company  we view referrals as the highest form of compliment.


As a local lawn care business word of mouth is a big part of our success.  Referrals are the best compliment a company can get.

Refer a friend or send us the contact information and when that person contacts us and receives at least 3 treatments or more you will receive  $25 off your account.

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