Hiring a Lawn Care Service Provider

Hiring a lawn care service provider is complicated. There are many to choose from and everyone claims to be the best at what they do. As we have said before, the purpose of this lawn blog is to help you take better care of your lawn. With that in mind we want to make it easier for you when you are hiring a lawn care service provider.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawn Care Service Provider


Don’t waste your time with yellow pages, radio or newspapers. Look around your neighborhood for companies that are servicing your neighbors or friends homes.  Ask them about the company you see or the one they are using.  Ask about their professionalism, education, licensing, insurance, friendliness and customer service level and if their happy with their overall experience.  Then go online or call for a free quote.  If you’re seeing them or their signs around your neighborhood or town then it’s a good possibility that they do good work and our respected.

 Costs and Your Budget

With a budget in mind get a few quotes from lawn care companies.  Beware of companies that offer cheap initial applications or free 1st application that don’t spell out what you’re getting or what it will cost after initial application.  Most will

Looking for the right lawn care service provider?

Looking for the right lawn care service provider?

give you a per application price, but don’t stop there.  Ask how many applications you will get and what’s involved with each.  Then add it up for a yearly cost and compare the different company’s apples to apples.  Ask about guarantees and tell them about your expectations for the lawn and how long to expect before your lawn is healthy.  Are service calls covered between visits if needed or are they extra?

Lastly get a written or e-mailed quote.  Make sure you can cancel at anytime if you’re not satisfied and not locked in to a contract like cell phones and TV. None of us are happy being locked in to anything.


After you’ve gotten all the info from the lawn care companies and your friends and neighbors call the lawn care company and have them come out and meet with you.  Are they professional, courteous, neat and easy to talk with, or are they cocky and in a hurry. This should tell you how they operate. If they don’t have time to meet then just think how they’ll be if you have a question after hiring them.

Call early in the spring, this is the busiest time for all lawn care companies, so plan ahead and give yourself the gift of time and start relaxing this season.

By the way, we would love it if you contacted us. We would love to be the company that gives you the healthy green lawn you desire.

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