3 Important Fall Lawn Care Tips

In central Minnesota we are lucky enough to enjoy all 4 seasons. Fall is by far one of my favorites. The colors change on the trees and the farmers get out in the fields for harvest. As you enjoy the fall and take in all of the beautiful colors it is important not to forget about your lawn. It’s really easy to take the attitude of, “it’s all going to freeze soon so who cares what I do with my lawn.” However it is extremely important to remember that in the fall, your lawn is getting ready to hibernate. Now is a great time to make sure that your lawn has enough food and water. It’s time to get control of those broadleaf weeds before next summer comes. To help you with that we have come up with 3 important fall lawn care tips.Fall Lawn Care Tips

3 Fall Lawn Care Tips

 1. Broadleaf Weed Control

Most people don’t think about broadleaf weed control until it’s too late. Doing broadleaf weed control in the fall can help you enjoy a dandelion free lawn in the following summer. Keep in mind that weeds are actively growing when temperatures are between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that when you use broadleaf weed control products in the fall the weed control product you use should move throughout the plant. This leads to better results in the spring.

2. Overseeding and Fertilizing

During the later parts of summer lawns can dry out and suffer some damage from the lack of rain and hot summer days. Overseeding damaged areas is a great way to help your lawn recover for the following summer. Applying fertilizer will give your lawn plenty of nutrients to keep it healthy during the winter months.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lawn Height

As we mentioned before, it’s easy to think that the cold will come fast enough and ignore the needs of your lawn. I see many fall lawns that are cropped really short in the fall. Almost as if the homeowner feels like it is the last time they will have to mow the lawn. In the beginning of fall it is important to keep your lawn about 3″ tall, or whatever your typical lawn height is. This allows your lawn to take full advantage of nutrients dropped by the changing trees, and the extra water that comes along with fall.


Water Your Lawn

Fall in Minnesota means unpredictable weather. It could almost snow on one day and be 70 degrees on the next. It is important to remember to make sure that your lawn has plenty of water.

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